Birth Year Academy Sessions | Spring 2016

Academy Starts Soon! Also open to players from outside club... 

With the idea of support in mind as we transition into birth year player pools and teams for next year, our academy sessions [+] we will be organized by “birth year” this spring. At the U9-U13 ages, these birth year sessions will replace our normal academy sessions. For U14-U18, these sessions will replace a team session.

The purpose of these sessions are threefold:
  1. To help players who will be playing with an older set of players transition to a more physical level.  
  2. For players to get a sense of who will be with which age group and help relieve some anxiety.  
  3. For directors and coaches to begin assessing the player pool at each birth year so we have as much information as possible in the run up tryouts
Despite trying to avoid it, in some cases the Birth Year Academy Sessions [+] may conflict with your normal training times. If that is the case, please communicate to your current coach that you will be missing your current team's session and will attend the birth year session instead. We have informed all coaches the importance of these sessions and they are in total agreement. It is very important every Maryland United FC player attends these sessions as we transition into birth year player pools next year.

Please click for more information on the Maryland United FC Implementation Plan [+] for the US Soccer Birth Year Mandates.
Non-Maryland United FC players are also invited and encouraged to attend these sessions. This would be particularly beneficial if you are intending on trying out in May/June. If you or you know someone who would like to participate, please feel free to contact either of the following:

Girls' Director of Coaching : Harry Canellakis [profile] [email]  
Boys' Director of Coaching : Colin Herriott [profile] [email
Please reference the Birth Year Academy Information [+live document for exact times and locations. Also visit your individual teamsnap pages for team specific sessions.

It is very important for all players to adhere to best of their ability the Academy Session Uniform colors. On occasion, we will be filming these sessions for the club's promotional purposes.  All wearing the same colors goes a long way to promote our #OneClub mentality. #MDUFC
| Black Training Shirt | Red Shorts | Red Socks



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