Futsal Program

Futsal Program


Starting in December of 2019, Maryland United will offer a comprehensive futsal program in order to compliment and align with the team program.





Registration Deadline: Friday, October 4, 2019

Maryland United players do not have to tryout, but must register before Friday, October 4 and will be placed on the appropriate team. 

Non-Maryland United players will be allowed to participate in the futsal program.  Please contact steve.campbell@mdunitedfc.org to arrange an evaluation.

Questions or more information contact steve.campbell@mdunitedfc.org


The U8-U18 Futsal program will improve technical skills, game understanding & decision making in tight spaces and a fast paced game.  The program will consist of a total of 6 futsal training sessions and 2-3 futsal tournaments and will eliminate conflict and streamline with the team program. 

Practice Location:  Indian Creek Upper School, Annapolis Area Christian School

Dates & Times:  
TBA but mostly on Sunday evenings & Saturday afternoons (will not conflict with MD United team program calendar)

Tournaments: (all local tournaments, no overnight stay required)

To be finalized as we approach the Winter months

  1. December:  December tournament

  2. January:  Maryland Futsal State Cup or January tournament 

  3. Optional:  3rd local tournament ADD ON FEE

Cost Per Player:  $285.00


6 Futsal Training Sessions (utilizing hard court surfaces)

Futsal Player Carding

Tournament Entry Fees 1 & 2

Coaches Salary
*Will use MD United Uniforms


Teams will be created in every age group with a roster size of 8-9 players per team.

Boys - U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, Combined HS Age Team(s)

Girls - U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, Combined HS Age Team(s)



Q:  Will the coaches be parent volunteers or professional coaches?

A:  All coaches will be professional & licensed coaches who are currently on the Maryland United Coaching Staff.


Q:  Do we have to buy new uniforms for this program?

A:  NO - players will use their Maryland United Uniforms.


Q:  Will training be conducted on a hardcourt surface and use futsal balls?

A:  Yes - for players to get the full benefit of a futsal program, we will utilize a hardcourt surface and futsal balls at training.


Q:  Do the events require an overnight stay?

A:  NO - all events will be within reasonable driving distance not requiring the 

need to stay overnight.


Q:  Are players from outside Maryland United allowed to join the futsal program?

A:  YES - players from outside Maryland United are allowed to join.  Please contact steve.campbell@mdunitedfc.org to arrange an evaluation.


Q: How will teams be created?

A:  Teams will be created based on the Maryland United outdoor rosters. For example, players will be grouped together with teammates from their own team.  Roster sizes will be 8-9 players per team.


Q: What if there are not enough players in my age group to form a team?

A:  If there are not enough players to form a team we will combine players from the age group player pool (including players from outside of the club) or place a player(s) on a team in an age group above or where we see it being a good fit.  If there is not a good fit you will receive a full 100% refund.


Q:  Will scheduling and notification of practice dates/times & tournaments be sent in a timely manner?

A:  YES - the schedule will be finalized by mid November.  Only inclement weather, school closures, or unforeseen events will cause a deviation from the original schedule.


Q:  What are the benefits of futsal for youth players?

A:  See article from US Youth Soccer (click here).

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