CMSSL is in its eleventh year of operation and is very proud of its ability to provide a well administered, high quality developmental soccer league for U-9,  U-10, U-11, and U12 girls and boys.   CMSSL plays a combined schedule with the Olney/Bethesda Soccer League (OBSL), and the strength of these two leagues provides an extremely high quality soccer experience for all teams involved.


Every team considering participation in the CMSSL/OBSL must understand that we adhere to the highest standards of sportsmanship. Any coach/spectator/player who does not display good sportsmanship will be immediately dealt with by league officials. Further, every participant in this league must understand that verbal abuse of referees is unacceptable behavior and is grounds for dismissal from the league.

All teams participating in CMSSL/OBSL are expected to know and understand the rules of play.   League rules are on this website and should be downloaded and reviewed carefully.

Please visit this website regularly. All important meeting dates and events are cited and updated regularly. This, and email, will be the primary methods of communication. In addition, Blue Sombrero maintains our schedules and scores online.  Coaches are given access to the system to input game results on a real time basis. This is discussed in more depth at our first coaches meeting of the season.

Craig Blackburn, President - CMSSL

Tony Falcone, President - OBSL

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