Maryland United Fees for 2019-20 Season

Maryland United Fees include:

  • All Tournaments / Showcase Events / State Cup Entry Fees
  • Registration Fees and Insurance (MSYSA, US Club)
  • League Fees (ECNL, NPL, EDP, CMSSL)
  • Grass, Turf & Indoor Field Rental (Addition of Indian Creek)
  • Goalkeeper Training
  • HUDL, Streamsports, Sports Recruits & Hi-Pod Video Technology
  • College Seminar
  • MD United Winter League
  • Coaches Travel Tournament Expenses (U9-U12 Boys, U9-U11 Girls, U13-U18 Boys Premier, U15-U18 Elite)
  • Administrative, Coaching & Technical Staff Compensation
  • Workers Comp. Insurance
  • Referee & Assignor Fees
  • Website Management & Information Technology
  • Coaches Education / Conferences / Licensing
  • Player Evaluation System
  • Field Maintenance and Equipment (goals, flags, paint, lining, porta-johns, mowing)
  • Maryland United Office Rental
  • Credit Card Processing


Fees DO NOT include

  • Uniforms
  • Coaches Travel Tournament Fee & Expenses
    (Boys and Girls U12-U18 ECNL program) note individual player travel fee & expenses will be determined once rosters are set and the league travel schedule is finalized.
  • Personal Travel
  • Additional Tournaments
  • Program Add-ons

Budgets are fluid and with being set so far in advance there might be supplemental charges as needed for additional tournaments, replacement tournaments for cancelled tournaments that might cost more, change in programs as teams needs change, etc….the team will be notified in advance of any changes that might impact any additional costs.


Why do player fees go up every year?

Player fees naturally increase each year from U8-U9-U10-U11-U12-U13-U14-U15 and then level out in the U15-U18 age group range.  The increases are reflected in the level of volume and programming offered (more training, league games and tournaments), the increase in experience, time, travel & commitment required of the coaching staff, and the ever-rising field rental costs, league & tournament entry fees.  


Why is there a significant increase from U14 to U15?

The increase from U14-U15 is reflected in the technology package and being in the U15-U18 college recruiting programming.  Fees increase due to the addition of HUDL, Streamsports & Sports Recruits and traveling & participating at prominent college showcase events focused on high level performance and college placement.



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