Senior Celebration | Class of 2019

Senior Celebration | Class of 2019

March 4, 2019

What a great night celebrating and honoring the senior class of 2019!!!  We thank everyone who attended, players, parents, coaches, directors and our club president to honor each individual.  The night was full of gratitude, amazing memories shared and lifelong relationships developed.  We wish the seniors all the best in their future endeavors.  

A special thank you to our generous hosts from Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen.  The venue provided a great ambience to celebrate and honor our soon-to-be graduates.



Excerpts from the seniors:

What major life lesson's has soccer had on your growth as a person that you will carry on to the next stage in your life?


Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards.  Focus on what you can control, and learning essential skills of communication, patience, and teamwork are some life lessons that I'll carry with me to the next stage in life.

Soccer has taught me how to handle adversity, how to stand up for myself in times of conflict, and most importantly how to work with other people towards a common goal.  No matter where life takes me, the lessons learned from this experience will help guide me in college, in my career, and most of all in relationships. 

Soccer has taught me there will be obstacles, ups and downs in everything I do.  But also deep down there is a burning passion and I can't forget to have fun when things get difficult.  It also taught me the importance of surrounding myself with supportive and like-minded people.


One major life lesson soccer has impacted on my growth as a person is my ability to manage time.  Between soccer, schoolwork, family and friends, I have learned the essential lesson to manage my time efficiently.


You have to always work hard to get what you want, to improve in what you do, and to be the best you can be.  You must show perseverance, sacrifice and a strong worth ethic, but don't forget to always have fun!  I have learned "Hard work beats talent, when talent dosen't work hard!"


Soccer has helped me mature.  It has taught me to never give up.  There have been many moments where I wanted to give up but I never did because I was always pushed and encouraged to do better by my coaches and teammates.


Soccer taught me the true meaning of teamwork.  That you can never complete something alone and collaboration and teamwork are key to being successful in anything.


Soccer has taught me how to be a leader.  It has taught me how to take risks, even if they're outside of my comfort level.  It has taught me to hold myself accountable not only for my mistakes, but for my successes aswell.


Soccer, without a doubt, has created some of the best memories and lifelong friendships I could ever have.

What is your most memorable and enjoyable experience of playing for Maryland United?

  • Chilling in the hotel with all the boys in Florida.  It helped me get to know my teammates better and create lifelong bonds.
  • Bus trips...especially when Olivia's contact split in her eye and we all watched her and Biggie struggle to get it out for 15 minutes.
  • Joining in my senior year and making friends so quickly and attending the ECNL Sanford Showcase.
  • Last year's Jefferson Cup, from the 2v2 futsal games in the hotel, to the last minute winner in the final game to go 3 and 0 in the tournament.
  • When we played in away tournaments because we bonded alot and it showed on the field the following day.
  • Traveling abroad to England and Scotland, being able to connect with my teammates, who I can now call Brothers.
  • Winning our game in a PK shootout at Nationals in Chicago, and beating Bethesda at U15 when no one, except us, thought we could accomplish this.
  • Hanging out with my teammates at the Vegas Showcase, and playing with my friends the next day.
  • Meeting coaches, players and building relationships that will last a lifetime.
  • At U16 Nationals when I saved 3 PKS to help us win the game.
  • Nationals last summer in Seattle.  As a team we had such an awesome time traveling together, having fun, and playing well. 
  • Traveling across the country and being with my teammates.  My first day of GK training and Dave volleying the ball right in my face.
  • My most memorable and enjoyable experiences playing for Maryland United was not just for the sport itself but for the people who I have grown so close to.  I never would have thought I would make lasting relationships with the players on my team.  My favorite times were team dinners, joking around before practice, and spending countless weekends traveling to tournaments, competing & having fun with my teammates who I can call my best friends.

Special honors to Kaitlyn Parks (joined club at 6 years old) & Erin Allor (joined club at 7 years old)


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