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Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Returning AND new players wanting to tryout MUST REGISTER 



ATTENDANCE: It is expected that all players attend all their age group sessions. If you anticipate missing a session, please contact the respetive gender Director of Coaching.

COLORS: Please wear GREY (or light) colored shirt and RED shorts/socks. Current Maryland United FC players can wear grey/red/red training gear.

WHAT TO BRING: Standard soccer tryouts gear... shin gaurds, water and a ball.

WHAT NOT TO BRING: Anxiety, stress and nerves.


1. Click Tryout Registration.
2. Fill out or confirm the information fields and proceed through the pages (steps).
3. At Step 2.1, you will either choose to Register an existing player (meaning a returning player) or Create New Member.
4. Fill out or confirm the information fields and proceed through the pages (steps).
Note: EVERY player will need to register for tryouts even if multiple players are from the same household.


Please see the tryout schedule on this page for age groups, coaches, dates, times and locations. Please check the website immediatey before leaving for tryouts in case of inclement weather or field changes. Weather cancellations will first go through the club's Twitter and Facebook account.

Players should plan on arriving at least 15 minutes before their scheduled tryout time to check-in and warm-up.

Players must wear a generic white/light shirt (no club logos, text or crests), red or black shorts, red or white socks.

If you cannot make any of the dates please contact the coach to arrange another date to tryout during regular team training nights. 

Why do we have tryouts?
We have official tryouts each year as all premier travel clubs do towards the end of each spring season.  Our goal is to give each team the opportunity to select new players who will have a positive impact on their teams and to also properly place players on either Red, White, Black or Yellow teams within their appropriate age groups.  

How will teams be selected?
Teams will be tiered with nomenclature as follows with corresponding playing levels, commitment, and expectations. Head age-group coaches will make final decisions after consulting with the other coaches in the age group, coaches assisting in the tryout process, and the Directors of Coaching.  Finally, where possible, the club will look to make first (Red) second (White), third (Black), fourth (Yellow) teams in the age groups where the player pool is large enough to support more than one team.

Why should players be tiered?
It is important for players to be placed into environments which allow them to enjoy success, learn skills that are specific to the rate of development, and participate in both leagues and tournaments that are appropriate to the players level.  It is also very important to realize that players all mature at different rates. We regularly see situations in our club where players who are on second (White) teams at U9-U12 who work themselves onto first (Red) teams given time, effort, and a quality team and training environment.  Mid-season player movement may occur based on merit, additional assessment, supplement tryouts and league and roster rules.

Who should I contact with questions?
Feel free to contact the age group coaches or Technical Director Pat Noel, Technical Consultant Steve Campbell, DOC Boys Colin Herriot, ECNL DOC Harry Canellakis, and our U9-U12 Directors Denison Cabral (Girls) and David Mongey (Boys).


  • Please check the website for any field closures or changes to the tryout schedule LIVE DOCUMENT.
  • Please complete the Tryout Registration Form Information Online.
  • Players will be contacted by the coach within 72 hours after the final tryout of their status.
  • Players will have 24 hours to make a decison once contacted.
  • Upon acceptance of postion on team, players have 24 hours to officially register online and make initial payment to be considered an offical member of the team and club.
Tryout Schedule 2016-2017

The Tryout Schedule can be accessed here: [+]


Any changes made will be LIVE. Please check the schedule often and certainly before departing for a tryout. An announcement that a change has been made will go through the club's twitter account but all OFFICIAL changes and edits will be reflected on the Tryout Schedule's LIVE DOCUMENT. While good for information, do not RELY SOLELY on the twitter account, Facebook or any other souce. The LIVE DOCUMENT will have the most accurate data. 
Refer to the Birth Date Chart for the correct age group. 

 updated  April 9th 2016

Birth Date Chart

The following is the birthdate chart for the age groups for the upcoming Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 season: 

  • U19 - Players born on or after January 1, 1998
  • U18 - Players born on or after January 1, 1999
  • U17 - Players born on or after January 1, 2000
  • U16 - Players born on or after January 1, 2001
  • U15 - Players born on or after January 1, 2002
  • U14 - Players born on or after January 1, 2003
  • U13 - Players born on or after January 1, 2004
  • U12 - Players born on or after January 1, 2005
  • U11 - Players born on or after January 1, 2006
  • U10 - Players born on or after January 1, 2007
  • U09 - Players born on or after January 1, 2008

updated April 9th, 2016

2016 - 2017 Boys Staff
2016-2017 MD United Staff - Boys
Age-Group Coach League Manager
MiniKickers & U6-U8 Pre Academy AnewaltMongey    
U9 : 2008/9 Boys Academy Ughiovhe CCL  
U10 : 2007 Boys Academy Ughiovhe CCL  
U11 : 2006 Boys CCL Norem CCL 1  
U11 : 2006 Boys Red McPeak CCL 2  
U12 : 2005 Boys CCL Norem CCL1  
U12 : 2005 Boys Red Miljkovic CCL 2  
U13 : 2004 CCL Mongey CCL 1  
U14 : 2003 CCL Mongey CCL 1  
U14 : 2003 Red Miljkovic CCL 2  
U15 : 2002 CCL Herriot CCL 1 / EDP  
U16 : 2001 EDP Mongey EDP  
U17 : 2000 CCL Herriot CCL 1 / EDP  
U18 : 98/99 CCL NoremBuete CCL 1 / EDP   


CCL Assistant Staff
Chiles (GK
2016 - 2017 Girls Staff
2016-2017 MD United Staff - Girls
Age-Group Coach League Manager
U8: U8 Pre Academy Anewalt    
U9:  2008/09 Girls Academy Cabral    
U10: 2007 Girls Academy Victorio    

U11 : 2006 Red Girls

U11 : 2006 Girls White McWilliams    
U12 : 2005 Girls Red Cabral    
U12 : 2005 Girls White Holmes    
U13 : 2004 Pre-ECNL S. Villagran ECNL  
U13 : 2004 CCL Girls Johnson CCL  
U14 : 2003 ECNL Campbell ECNL  
U14 : 2003 CCL Girls Noel CCL  
U15 : 2002 ECNL Stockum ECNL  
U15 : 2002 CCL Girls Noel CCL  
U16 : 2001 ECNL Canellakis ECNL  
U16 : 2001 CCL Girls S. Villagran CCL  
U17 : 2000 ECNL Stockum ECNL  
U17 : 2001 CCL Girls Krech CCL  
U18 : 98/99 ECNL Canellakis ECNL  
U18 : 98/99 CCL Girls D. Villagran CCL  


CCL Assistant Staff ECNL Assistant Staff
Gamber Hearin
Lebo Garrick
Chiles (GK) Stockum (GK)