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Maryland United FC is delighted to announce our 6th Annual Outdoor 11v11 Winter League. Boys & Girls club teams aged U13-U18, in-state or out of state are encouraged to apply. What better way to prepare for your Spring 2017 season? Matches will be played on turf without exception to ensure THE best quality pitches and field conditions regardless of weather. Matches will only be canceled if the turf fields are covered in snow/ice without sufficient time to plow or driving conditions are deemed hazardous.

Maryland United FC Winter League 2017 is the best Premier travel quality league for the last 5 years. 

Begins Saturday, January 7 | Ends Sunday, February 26

$750 | 5 games

$495 | 3 games

Registration Deadline | December 20, 2016




Maryland United FC Winter League 2017 is a US Youth Soccer sanctioned league through the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association. All teams must be affiliated and their players registered with US Youth Soccer through their respective State Associations or US Club Soccer. Teams must be in good standing with their State Association to play in the league.

Please find below all the information you'll need to join us for an competitve and exciting outdoor league. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the League Director | Steve Campbell |

Age Group Format Game Length Centre Ref Subs
U13 11v11 70 mins (2x 35) Y Unlimited
U14 11v11 70 mins (2x 35) Y Unlimited
U15 11v11 70 mins (2x 35) Y Unlimited
U16 11v11 70 mins (2x 35) Y Unlimited
U17 11v11 70 mins (2x 35) Y Unlimited
U18 11v11 70 mins (2x 35) Y Unlimited


State Cup Qualifying Matches -- Process 

All games highlighted in blue on the schedule are considered State Cup qualifying matches.   Teams who are using this league to be considered State Cup eligible must play a minimum of 3 state cup qualifying games.  For these games, each manager and referee prior to kickoff must check the opposing teams roster and player cards.   The roster must be an official stamped USYSA/MSYSA roster and each player must have a USYSA/MSYSA player card to be eligible to play.  The club pass rule can be applied for guest players only but only players within the club with an official USYSA/MSYSA player card are permitted to play.


Absolutely no US Club Soccer rosters, non-rostered players, guest players from outside clubs, or players without USYSA/MSYSA cards will be permitted to play. Once both managers and referees have checked the orster and cards, the opposing manager and referee must sign their name on each roster.


Even if you are a team highlighted in blue but are not using the league for State Cup qualification you must abide by the USYSA/MSYSA rules as the other team is using the league for State Cup qualification.  Please make sure you bring your USYSA/MSYSA roster and player cards.



USYSA/MSYSA roster only

USYSA/MSYSA player cards must be present

No US Club Soccer roster, non-rostered players, guest players from outside clubs, or players without cards will be permitted to play

After validating each roster and players cards manager and referee must sign each teams roster.


Schedule Posted

Please check every week for any updates or in case of inclement weather.



The team listed first will wear DARK uniforms (dark shirt and socks).

The team listed second/underneath will wear WHITE/LIGHT uniforms (white shirt and socks).

Always bring an alternate jersey just in case.




Unlimited Subs/re-entry on all throw-ins.

70 minute game - 2-35 minute halves with max of 5 min half time.

All games must start and finish in allotted time slot

Only players, coaches and team staff are allowed inside the fence.  Parents and spectators must watch from the bleachers on the outside of the fence.



Games MUFC vs. MUFC will not have an official referee.  Assistant coaches or coaches will referee the game.  

All non-MUFC games or non-MUFC teams vs. MUFC teams will have an official center referee.  No linesman.

All State Cup games will have an official center referee.  No linesman.



It is expected all teams, coaches, players, parents will demonstrate sporting behavior and respect toward opponents, spectators, and the referee.



There will be no time allowed for warmup on the turf field.  Must kickoff next game immediately at the conclusion of the game prior.  Please use the softball field or grass behind each goal for warmups.  Please DO NOT warmup on the grass soccer fields!


Inclement Weather

Please check the and your email before leaving for any changes.  If you don’t hear anything the games will be on.  Only snow or ice will cancel games.



Please pick up all trash/tape/water bottles after your game.  If you are the last game please make sure the the turf field is spotless before you leave. 


NO GUM allowed on the turf field at ANY time. 


All questions should be emailed to Steve Campbell |



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